MORSE ROSE is a film production company based in London, England. The company was founded in 2016 by award winning filmmaker Adam Morse and Adam Rose to develop and produce original theatrical features.

MORSE ROSE sets to entertain a global audience with stylistic films that interpret timeless themes through original concepts, cross genres and explore new ideas with artistic pictures.

Morse and Rose formed a partnership and spent a long summer in 2016 preparing their debut picture Lucid, they shot the movie that same fall and completed production on the companies first feature film the following year in 2017. The company’s latest film production China Blue is currently in Development, the dark comedy is scheduled to begin principle photography late 2018.



GENRE: Psychological Thriler
STATUS: Completed

Isolated in a big city with no friends, timid Zel simultaneously fears and craves intimacy. He has a pitiful infatuation with dancer Jasmine and is caught spying on her by his eccentric neighbour (Elliot) who offers to help him win her heart. Young Zel begins an experimental form of dream therapy and Elliot teaches him how lucid dreaming can be used to practice the art of seduction. Lust leads Zel on an intense subliminal adventure but will he be able to charm Jasmine in reality?



MORSE ROSE are open to Co-Production collaborations on the basis that the material is original.

Individuals with original screenplays are also welcome to email us directly. Please bear in mind that unsolicited material will be reviewed by our team over an 8-week period.